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Thanks for checking out our website! We're a family of 5 - including my husband, 3 daughters who range in age from 17-26, and me.  Our two oldest daughters have graduated from college with four-year degrees - all paid in cash because of our little family business, and our  youngest is in 11th grade.  In July of 2019, we are excited to become grandparents as our middle daughter and her husband are expecting!! Pictured below are our three girls and an informal family picture taken in Indonesia in July 2018.

I (Mom) am a full-time high school language arts teacher - soon to be Spanish teacher in the 2019-2020 school year.  Besides working, we keep busy by being involved in our church, working on various house projects, traveling (when we're able), spending time with friends and family, and doing work with MMG Workshop. 







Our signs started out as a fundraiser for a two-month mission trip our middle daughter went on in the summer of 2014. Because of their popularity, we decided to try our hand at starting a family business.  We put the profits towards college tuition for our girls, as well as future mission trips and charitable giving. On January 1st, 2015, we became the monthly sponsors of 3 girls from Africa through Compassion International.

Thanks to those who have purchased items from us and for supporting our cause. We appreciate each and every one of you - especially our repeat customers!


Let us know if we can customize or personalize a sign for you or schedule a painting party/class.


We can't wait to make something (or help you to make something) for your walls!