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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MMG ship signs?


Absolutely - we use Priority USPS and only charge the actual shipping cost. Cost varies depending on weight, size, and distance shipped.

How do I order a custom sign?

Simply send us an email with the description or picture of what you'd like to order.  If it's a design we aleady have, the turn around time is a week or less.  If it's a sign we need to design, we do that at no extra cost but it may take up to two weeks to design, make, and ship. You'll need to let us know the approximate size, style of wood (cabinet door, solid plank, or pallet style), the background color, and colors of the lettering/design. It sounds like a lot, but it's a fairly quick process.

How do I schedule a sign painting party/class?


All you need to do is click on the 'Book a Party/Class' button. It will take you to our calendar of available dates and times. Fill out the necessary information and we'll get you on the schedule.  If you have specific questions or are unclear of anything, just send us an email and we'll clarify things for you.


How much do signs cost at a sign party/class and what are the sizes?


Pallet style ($45 - local; $50 - non-local) signs measure roughly 14x24 or 17x17, and 3 piece signs measure roughly 12x12 ($45 - local; $50 - non-local).  Framed signs ($45 - local; $50 - non-local measure 14x26. We also offer our Welcome style porch signs  12x48 ($55 - local; $60 - non-local) or 12x72 ($65 - local; $70 - non-local).  Our centerpiece boxes ($45 - local; $50 - non-local) measures roughly 11x15 and our pair of smaller boxes ($45 - local; $50 - non-local) measure roughly 9x15.

Is MMG able to design signs?


If you have a specific sign you'd like made or would like to offer at your private sign painting party/class, MMG is happy to design it on the computer for a $5.00 - $15.00 designing fee, depending on the complexity of the design.  You can either describe it and we'll design it from scratch, or you can send us a picture and we'll create a design as close to the example as possible.


How far does MMG travel for a sign party/class?


Typically, we'll go a half hour or so for parties/classes (25 miles). The more guests attending a party, the further we're willing to travel. We've facilitated parties in Little Falls, St. Cloud, Buffalo, Maple Grove, Medina, Hinkley, Duluth, Brainerd, and anywhere in between.  There is an additional $5.00-10.00 added to each guest's sign for parties that are more than 25 miles away.


Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests for a sign party/class?


We have 12 guests as a minimum for local parties within 25 miles of Becker (15-20+ for parties further away) but can be flexible and do smaller groups.  For groups that are smaller than 12, we can offer a Chop and Drop where MMG assembles all projects ahead of time (that's the most technical part of the process) and prepares the designs and then drops off all projects and materials/supplies prior to the event.  Printed step-by-step directions are provided as well as MMG Workshop YouTube tutorials.  There is a 15 guest minimum for private events at our studio.  Our largest class has been about 60 so far. As long as the venue has room, we can accommodate most any size group.  See our Incentive Program specifics under Party Expectations.

Is there a perk for the hostess of a private sign painting party/class?

Yes! If twelve or more guests attend, the host earns a free project at a future event - public or private (up to a $45 value),.  A host can ear a second free project at a future event - public or private (up to a $45 value) if twenty-four or more paying guests attend her party.  


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