A. 14x24 Pallet Style

B. 14x24

Reverse Pallet Style

E. 18 Inch Round

F. Reverse Pallet Tray

G. Framed Vertical Pallet

H. Centerpiece Box

I. Door Mat

J. Table Top Planter

K. Pail Planter

K. Freestanding Flower Planter

N. 6 Foot Blanket Ladder

O. Wall Wine Bar

P. Framed Plank

C. 4 or 6 Foot Porch Plank 

D. 17x17 Pallet Style

A.  Pallet Style - 14x24  or 24x14

Suitable for rectangular designs


B. Reverse Pallet Style - 14x24

Most suitable for square or slightly rectangular designs 


C. Welcome Sign

10x48 - $60

10x72 - $70

D. Pallet Style - 17x17

Suitable for square designs


E. Round Plank - 18 inch diameter 

Suitable for circular and some square designs 


F.  Pallet Style Tray - 14x24

Includes a set of handles. Must choose a horizontal sign design, unless you specify you'd like your tray vertical.


G.  Framed Pallet Style - 14x24  

Vertical Boards 


H.  Hotdish Holder/Centerpiece Box

 Roughly 15x11 - Fits a 9x13 inch pan


Add handles for $10

I. Doormat

Large measures 24x35


J. Table Top Planter

Measures roughly 8x18


Plastic liner included

K. Pail Planter

Measures 6x12 (pails included)


L. 2 Small Boxes/Toilet Tank Topper

Studio: $50

M. Bottle Opener/Catcher



N. 6 Foot Blanket Ladder


O. 5 Foot Porch Plank Planter


P. 14x26 Framed Plank



L. Two Small Boxes




AKA - Toilet Tank Topper

M. Bottle Opener

P. Framed Clock

O. Porch Plank



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