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A. 14x24 Pallet Style

B. 14x24

Reverse Pallet Style

E. 18 Inch Round

F. Reverse Pallet Tray

Framed Pallet - Gratitude.jpg

G. Framed Vertical Pallet

H. Centerpiece Box

Doormats - group.jpg

I. Door Mat


J. Table Top Planter

Herb Box.jpg

K. Pail Planter

K. Freestanding Flower Planter

blanket ladder.jpg

N. 6 Foot Blanket Ladder

O. Wall Wine Bar


P. Framed Plank

C. 4 or 6 Foot Porch Plank 

D. 17x17 Pallet Style

A.  Pallet Style - 14x24  or 24x14

Suitable for rectangular designs


B. Reverse Pallet Style - 14x24

Most suitable for square or slightly rectangular designs 


C. Welcome Sign

10x48 - $60

10x72 - $70

D. Pallet Style - 17x17

Suitable for square designs


E. Round Plank - 18 inch diameter 

Suitable for circular and some square designs 


F.  Pallet Style Tray - 14x24

Includes a set of handles. Must choose a horizontal sign design, unless you specify you'd like your tray vertical.


G.  Framed Pallet Style - 14x24  

Vertical Boards 


H.  Hotdish Holder/Centerpiece Box

 Roughly 15x11 - Fits a 9x13 inch pan


Add handles for $10

I. Doormat

Large measures 24x35


J. Table Top Planter

Measures roughly 8x18


Plastic liner included

K. Pail Planter

Measures 6x12 (pails included)


L. 2 Small Boxes/Toilet Tank Topper

Studio: $50

M. Bottle Opener/Catcher



N. 6 Foot Blanket Ladder


O. 5 Foot Porch Plank Planter


P. 14x26 Framed Plank



Nice Butt.jpg

L. Two Small Boxes




AKA - Toilet Tank Topper

Drink Local.jpg

M. Bottle Opener

P. Framed Clock

Porch Plank Planter.jpg

O. Porch Plank


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