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What you can expect from MMG

When you host a DIY event, MMG supplies all necessary materials, instructions, and individual help for everyone to leave with a completed project they're proud to display in their homes or give as a gift. In addition to the necessary materials to make each project, MMG Workshop does not provide tables or table cloths and ask that tables and covering be ready to go upon our arrival. 

MMG Workshop prepares the wood and vinyl stencil designs prior to each event. Once there, guests assemble, sand, and stain their signs prior to painting the designs.  Guests are provided with aprons and gloves to protect hands and clothing however, MMG Workshop is not responsible for damage of clothing or venue. Please consider what to wear prior to arriving.  Accidents with stain and paint are unlikely, but anything is possible.

MMG Incentive Program

In our incentive program, hosts will receive a free future sign (up to a $45 value) with a minimum of 12 paying guests (not including the host), two free future signs with 24 or more paying guests (not including the host) and so on. 

12 guests = free future sign    Up                       

                                               to $45 total value

24+ guests = two free future  Up to a $90 total

                     signs                 value

36+ guests = three free         Up to $135 total

                     future signs      value


And so on . . . 

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